Women at the top of the world, still not at the center-A new network analysis discovery

Written by: Tuugi Chuluun & Kevin L. Young

You have undoubtedly heard of statistics on the lack of representation of women in leadership positions. For example, only 37 of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 list this year have women CEOs. And only three of them are women of color. Numerous initiatives across both the private and public sectors currently exist to promote more women into leadership roles. Within the corporate world, gender quotas and recommendations have been implemented to increase diversity in boardrooms in places from India to Australia. Within the public sector, several countries such as Rwanda and Argentina have instituted gender quota systems to increase the representation of women in government. As a result of these and other changes and reforms, the last couple of decades have seen some progress in increasing the number of women holding various positions of leadership globally. However, women, and especially women of color, remain dramatically underrepresented, and the coronavirus pandemic threatens progress we have made on this front because of gender inequality in the division of housework.

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