Eleven Canterbury Alliance with WomenExecs on Boards

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How this alliance will work-

 It will be the choice of each WEoB member to opt into being considered as part of this strategic alliance with Eleven Canterbury. There are two levels of opting in:

  • To be considered for a specific PE board opportunity brought to WEoB by Eleven Canterbury, and

  • To be considered for affiliation with the Eleven Canterbury network for potential consulting or expert witness roles.


Board Opportunities 

When Eleven Canterbury receives a specification for a board director, that will be shared with WomenExecs on Boards.  After reviewing our database, WEoB members who are potentially a good fit for the specification will be contacted to provide them confidential information on the search and for their permission to share their names and background to Eleven Canterbury. For those WEoB members who agree to be considered, Eleven Canterbury will interview them and, based on their deep knowledge of the client’s needs, will present a slate of WEoB candidates to the client.  Confidentiality of each board opportunity is an imperative so WEoB members who participate will be required to keep all aspects of the search confidential, including the name of the client. As part of the process, Eleven Canterbury may provide feedback on an individual’s resume and presentation of their credentials, etc. in that process. If client provides feedback, it will also be passed directly back to the WEoB member.


To measure the impact of this strategic alliance we will tracking several metrics. Initially these will include the number of interview opportunities, the number of board placements, and the number of PE firm connections provided by each party.


It should be noted that Eleven Canterbury provides this board placement free of charge to its clients as part of deepening its relationships and potential future consulting engagements with those clients.

Consulting Opportunities:

For those WEoB members who opt in and agree to be considered as part of Eleven Canterbury’s database and roster of executives, they will be interviewed by Eleven Canterbury. It is at the sole discretion of Eleven Canterbury to extend an invitation to be part of its network. As noted above, there is no implied commitment by Eleven Canterbury to extend an invitation to be part of its network or for a WEoB member to accept that invitation.  Should an invitation be extended, Eleven Canterbury will be in touch with a welcome email and additional details. This includes adding members’ resumes/CV to their database, receiving invitations to occasional events, and being considered for potential consulting engagements which would require a consulting agreement to be executed if successful.


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