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About Us


  • We are a global network of qualified, Board ready women from around the world with C-Suite and senior executive experience

  • All of our members are participants of the Harvard Business School Executive Education program: Women on Boards: Succeeding as a Corporate Director         

  • The women in our network provide corporate boards with what they need in today’s highly competitive business environment, to:

    • Improve gender diversity and equality on their boards

    • Expand perspectives and experiences ultimately enhancing board performance

    • Send a signal to employees, shareholders, and customers that positioning women and minorities as leaders is important to the organization

    • Improve the bottom line

Helping Companies Achieve a Competitive Advantage through Gender Diversity

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Vision, Mission & Values


Pioneers of gender equality in boardrooms across the globe


Position Harvard Women on Boards participants   to serve on corporate boards through      networking, support, and education


  1. Commitment- It started with investment in the course. We are now committed to our mission by forming this network of highly qualified, influential and powerful women to drive gender equality on the board

  2. Courage- We are breaking barriers. It takes courage to change the status quo.

  3. Connectivity - This group is all about networking internally and externally. It is also about supporting and encouraging each other. Positioning each other for board and high level corporate positions

  4. Conviction - We have a passion for our mission. It is the engine and the fire that propels us. We want to be successful in our mission and achieve our targets individually and collectively 



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To inquire further about potential board candidates from WomenExecs on Boards, tell us your desired Board candidate profile and one of our Co-Presidents would be pleased to initiate a conversation with you.

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WomenExecs on Boards is a registered 501c(6) organization 

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